Jennifer Nelson is the founder of Quill Point Press. Quill Point Press is an independent publication imprint for quality historical fiction and historical non-fiction. Specifically, Quill Point Press manages a high-quality editing and design process for authors’ historical fiction or non-fiction to be published bearing the Quill Point Press imprint.

Authors of historical fiction and non-fiction who want to hire publication coordination services for high-quality manuscript editing and book design, and would like to publish under an imprint suitable to the genre of historical fiction or non-fiction, should contact Quill Point Press to discuss the services needed.

Authors pay all costs of production, they retain all rights to their work and royalties, and, at this time, are responsible for handling all distribution, marketing, and publicity regarding their books.

Books produced under the Quill Point Press imprint undergo rigorous manuscript editorial and book design processes similar to those performed by traditional publishing houses—story and line/copy editing, proofreading, cover design, interior illustration and interior layout/formatting. Freelancers are seasoned professionals in the book industry, hired individually for book production projects. They are not employees of Quill Point Press.

Meet the book production professionals who edited and designed J. A. Nelson’s debut book, A Man of Honor, or Horatio’s Confessions.

Authors who wish to publish under the imprint of Quill Point Press and whose historical fiction or non-fiction underwent a rigorous traditional production process may contact Quill Point Press to discuss.

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